1:1.5 million metamorphic geological map of the Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding areas

Since 2006, China Geological Survey Bureau has organized and implemented the work of "integration and comprehensive research on the basic geological survey results of the Tibetan Plateau". Based on the 1:250,000 regional geological survey on the blank area of the Tibetan Plateau and the latest research results at home and abroad, with the integration and comprehensive research, one of a series of maps, "1:1.5 million metamorphic geological map of the Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding areas" have been compiled. The map is published by the Geological Publishing House. Based on the time-space framework of the regional structure and metamorphic characteristics of the Tibetan Plateau, the metamorphic environment is analyzed according to the metamorphic (Geological) area, metamorphic (Geological) belt, metamorphic sub belt and very low-low-high greenschist facies, low-high amphibolite facies, blue schist facies, high-ultrahigh pressure eclogite facies and malite facies, the metamorphic map of the Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding areas has been compiled, and 16 high pressure-ultrahigh pressure metamorphic belts have been determined. The projection of the map is Conformal Conic Projection, the first standard latitude is 28 °, the second standard latitude is 37 °, the central longitude is 89 °, and the projection origin latitude is 26 ° north latitude.

This data is obtained by scanning the paper map "Metamorphic geological map of Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding areas" with high-resolution scanner, and the sub maps have been spliced. In the process of scanning, keep the map surface as flat as possible to reduce the error. The copyright of the map belongs to the publishing house. This data can be used by researchers who are engaged in the geological and geomorphological research of the Tibetan Plateau, it can be used for the research of regional resources exploration, geological science research, construction of major engineering facilities, environmental protection and disaster prevention in the Tibetan Plateau.

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The data is a grid graph in JPG format, you can open and view it in any image viewer.

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Geological Publishing House GPH. 1:1.5 million metamorphic geological map of the Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding areas. National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, 2019. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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Example of acknowledgement statement is included below: The data set is provided by National Tibetan Plateau Data Center (http://data.tpdc.ac.cn).

License: This work is licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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Geographic coverage
East: 106.00 West: 72.00
South: 25.00 North: 40.00
  • Temporal resolution: 1 year < x < 10 year
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