The map of desert distribution in 1:2,000,000 in China (1974)

Desertification is a kind of land degradation with aeolian sands as the main symbol caused by the uncoordinated human-land relationship in arid, semi-arid and some semi-humid regions of northern China.

Data source: edited by the China Institute of Glacial and Frozen Desert and coordinated by the Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Based on aerial photographs from the 1970s and field research, a 1: 2 million desert map was drawn. Mapping of the 14 million "Map of the People's Republic of China" published in 1971.

First, the data set content

1.Desert_Ch_2009 (desert distribution)

2.Dune_hight_Ch_200 (dune height)

3.Gobi_Ch_200 (Gobi)

4.Wind_eroded_land_Ch_200 (wind erosion data)

The fields of the desertification attribute table are as follows:

(1) Semifixed (semi-fixed dunes): undulating sandy land (2-1), thicket dunes (2-2), parabolic dunes (2-3), beam nest dunes (2-4), sand ridges And dendritic sand ridge (2-5), honeycomb sand dune (2-6), honeycomb sand ridge (2-7), composite sand ridge (2-8)

(2) Fixation (fixed dune): flat sandy land (3-1), grassland bush (3-2), sand ridge (3-3), honeycomb sand dune (3-4)

(3) Migratory: Crescent sand dunes and dune chains (1-1), Crescent sand ridges and dunes (1-2), Lattice dunes and Lattice dune chains (1-3), Fish scales Sand dunes (1-4), feathery dunes (1-5), pyramid dunes (1-6), composite dunes and dune chains (1-7), composite dunes (1-8), composite Dome-shaped dunes (1-9), chain-shaped sand hills (sand dunes) (1-10), stacked chain-shaped sand hills (1-11), compound ridge-shaped sand hills (1-12), composite chain-shaped Sand Mountain (1-13), Pyramid Sand Mountain (1-14)

(4) class_id: encoding of desertification attributes

Projection information

PROJCS ["Albers",

GEOGCS ["GCS_Beijing_1954",

DATUM ["Beijing_1954", SPHEROID ["Krasovsky_1940", 6378245.0,298.3]],

PRIMEM ["Greenwich", 0.0],

UNIT ["Degree", 0.0174532925199433]],

PROJECTION ["Albers_Conic_Equal_Area"],

PARAMETER ["False_Easting", 0.0],

PARAMETER ["False_Northing", 0.0],

PARAMETER ["longitude_of_center", 105.0],

PARAMETER ["Standard_Parallel_1", 25.0],

PARAMETER ["Standard_Parallel_2", 47.0],

PARAMETER ["latitude_of_center", 0.0],

UNIT ["Meter", 1.0]]

Data file naming and use method

SHP format storage

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WANG Jianhua. The map of desert distribution in 1:2,000,000 in China (1974). National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, 2013. doi: 10.3972/westdc.009.2013.db. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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License: This work is licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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