The simulated meteorology data by using WRF model on the Tibetan Plateau and its surronding area (2004-2013)

This data set is output from WRF model. The data include ‘LU_INDEX’ (land use category), ‘ZNU’(eta values on half (mass) levels), ‘ZNW’(eta values on full (w) levels),’ZS’(depths of centers of soil layers), ‘DZS’ (thicknesses of soil layers), ‘VAR_SSO’ (variance of subgrid-scale orography), ‘U’(x-wind component), ‘V’(y-wind component),’W’(z-wind component),’T’(perturbation potential temperature (theta-t0)), ‘Q2’ ('QV at 2 M), ‘T2’ (TEMP at 2 M), ‘TH2’ ('POT TEMP at 2 M), ‘PSFC’ (SFC pressure), ‘U10’ (U at 10 M), ‘V10’ (V at 10 M), ‘QVAPOR’ (Water vapor mixing ratio), ‘QLOUD’ (Cloud water mixing ratio),’QRAIN’ (Rain water mixing ratio), ‘QICE’ (Ice mixing ratio), ‘QSNOW’ (Snow mixing ratio), ‘SHDMAX’ (annual max veg fraction), ‘SHDMIN’ (annual min veg fraction), ‘SNOALB’ (annual max snow albedo in fraction), ‘TSLB’ (soil temperature), ‘SMOIS’ (soil moisture), ‘GRDFLX’ (ground heat flux), ‘LAI’ (Leaf area index),’ HGT’ (Terrain Height), ‘TSK’ (surface skin temperature), ‘SWDOWN’ (downward short wave flux at ground surface), ‘GLW’ (downward long wave flux at ground surface), ‘HFX’ (upward heat flux at the surface), ‘QFX’ (upward moisture flux at the surface), ‘LH’ (latent heat flux at the surface), ‘SNOWC’ (flag indicating snow coverage (1 for snow cover)), and so on.

The data is in netCDF format with a spatial resolution of 10 km.

Data file naming and use method

simulated meteorology data is stored in netCDF format. The file name is "wrfout_d01_yyyy-MM-DD-hh_mm_ss. nc", where yyyy represents the year, MM represents the month, DD represnets the day, hh represents the hour, mm represents minute and ss represents the second. For example, represents this netCDF file to describe the simulated meteorology data on the Jan.1 2004.

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LI Maoshan, CHEN Xuelong. The simulated meteorology data by using WRF model on the Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding area (2004-2013). National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, 2020. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

Using this data, the data citation is required to be referenced and the related literatures are suggested to be cited.

Support Program

CASEarth:Big Earth Data for Three Poles(grant No. XDA19070000) (No:XDA19000000)

Second Tibetan Plateau Scientific Expedition Program

User Limit

To respect the intellectual property rights, protect the rights of data authors,expand servglacials of the data center, and evaluate the application potential of data, data users should clearly indicate the source of the data and the author of the data in the research results generated by using the data (including published papers, articles, data products, and unpublished research reports, data products and other results). For re-posting (second or multiple releases) data, the author must also indicate the source of the original data.

Example of acknowledgement statement is included below: The data set is provided by National Tibetan Plateau Data Center (

License: This work is licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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Geographic coverage
East: 110.00 West: 75.00
South: 15.00 North: 40.00
  • Temporal resolution: Hourly
  • Spatial resolution: 1km - 10km
  • File size: 3,000 MB
  • Browse count: 1,011 Times
  • Apply count: 0 Times
  • Share mode: online
  • Temporal coverage: 2004-01-01 To 2013-12-31
  • Updated time: 2020-02-16
Contact Information
: LI Maoshan   CHEN Xuelong  

Distributor: National Tibetan Plateau Data Center


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