Modeling ecohydrological processes and spatial patterns in the upstream of the Heihe River Basin V1.0 (2001-2012)

The output data of the distributed eco hydrological model in the upper reaches of Heihe River includes the spatial distribution data of 1-km grid and the discharge time series data of the outlet of the basin. (1) Spatial distribution data of 1-km grid, monthly average soil moisture, actual evapotranspiration, runoff depth and other spatial distribution data of 1-km resolution. (2) Runoff time series daily flow data of river basin outlet.

Data file naming and use method

File name: the data is stored in Ascii format as a text file, and the file USES the simulation results as a folder to store 0~100cm soil moisture wsoil, runoff depth runoff, data space range, daily flow process, and evapotranspiration evap.
Data reading: you can use a text program (such as notepad) to open, if you want to use the diagram to display, you can use Arcgis to open, in the process of reading will generate grid format file, the grid file displayed is the graphic expression of the ASCII code file.

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Modeling ecohydrological processes and spatial patterns in the upstream of the Heihe River Basin V1.0 (2001-2012). National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, 2015. doi: doi:10.3972/heihe.0042.2014.db. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

Related Literatures:

1. Gao B, Yang D, Qin Y, Wang Y, Li H, Zhang Y, Zhang T. (2018). Change in Frozen grounds and Its Effect on Regional Hydrology in the Upper Heihe Basin, on the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The Cryosphere. 12(2):657-673( View Details | Bibtex)

2. Yang, D., Gao, B., Jiao, Y., Lei, H., Zhang, Y., Yang, H., Cong, Z. (2015). A distributed scheme developed for eco-hydrological modeling in the upper Heihe River. Science China Earth Sciences, 58(1), 36-45.( View Details | Download | Bibtex)

Using this data, the data citation is required to be referenced and the related literatures are suggested to be cited.

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User Limit

To respect the intellectual property rights, protect the rights of data authors,expand servglacials of the data center, and evaluate the application potential of data, data users should clearly indicate the source of the data and the author of the data in the research results generated by using the data (including published papers, articles, data products, and unpublished research reports, data products and other results). For re-posting (second or multiple releases) data, the author must also indicate the source of the original data.

Example of acknowledgement statement is included below: The data set is provided by National Tibetan Plateau Data Center (

License: This work is licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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Geographic coverage
East: 101.50 West: 98.00
South: 37.50 North: 39.50
  • Temporal resolution: Monthly
  • Spatial resolution: 1km - 10km
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  • Temporal coverage: 2001-01-01 To 2012-12-31
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