Vegetation map 1:100000 of Heihe River Basin (version 2.0) (2015)

Vegetation map of 1::100000 Heihe River Basin, the regional scope is subject to the Heihe river boundary of the Yellow Committee, the area is about 14.29 × 104km2, the data format is GIS vector format, this version is version 2.0. The data is mainly based on ground observation data, integrated with all kinds of remote sensing data, 1:1 million vegetation map, climate, terrain, landform, soil data mapping, and compiled by cross validation. The classification standard, legend unit and system of vegetation map of the people's Republic of China (1:1000000), 2007 are adopted, including vegetation type group, vegetation type, formation and sub formation. The mapping method includes the following aspects: (1) the establishment of visual interpretation signs. According to the ground observation data, determine the specific location of plant communities and special features in remote sensing images, interpret the shape, color and texture features displayed on remote sensing images, and establish visual interpretation signs. (2) extraction and mapping of special features and plant communities. Using 30 m topographic map, Landsat high-precision remote sensing image, Google Earth, glacier data, as well as all kinds of data mentioned above, we can extract easily recognized features of the whole basin. (3) upstream vegetation mapping. In the middle and upper reaches of the mountain area, the vertical change of altitude is severe, and the vegetation change is obvious. The method of combining ground observation data, remote sensing image, slope direction, altitude, soil, climate and other data is used to map. (4) vegetation mapping in the middle and lower reaches. In the middle and lower reaches of the desert area, the altitude change is small and the vegetation is sparse. (5) consistency inspection and modification. For the preliminary vegetation map of Heihe River Basin, use the existing data to check the consistency, and ensure that the 1:100000 vegetation map is logically consistent with the climate, soil, topography, existing relevant maps and remote sensing data. (6) decoration of vegetation map. The method of combining map spot and figure is used to represent different vegetation types and mapping units, so as to make them clear and easy to read. This map can provide more accurate vegetation data for the construction of integrated watershed eco hydrological model, and also provide basic data for the follow-up research and management of ecology, environment and water resources.

Data file naming and use method

File name: data is stored as a vector SHP file, file name "vegetation.shp".
Data reading: Arcgis, Qgis and other software can be used to open the reading, Arcgis open, directly read the SHP file, to graphical expression.

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ZHENG Yuanrun. Vegetation map 1:100000 of Heihe River Basin (version 2.0) (2015). A Big Earth Data Platform for Three Poles, 2016. doi: doi:10.3972/heihe.0034.2016.db. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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License: This work is licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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