Palaeogeographic distribution of Early, Middle and Late Triassic lithofacies in Pan-Third Pole area

Guided by plate tectonics, palaeogeography, petroleum basin analysis and sedimentary basin dynamics , a large number of data and achievements in recent years of geological and petroleum geology research in Pan-Third Pole have been collected, including basic materials such as strata, sediments, palaeontology, palaeogeography, palaeoenvironments, palaeoclimate, structure, petroleum (sylvine) geology, especially Palaeomagnetism and palaeozoic. On the basis of material, detrital zircon and geochemical data, and combined with the results of typical measured stratigraphic profiles, the lithofacies and climatic palaeogeographic pattern of the Triassic period were restored and reconstructed, and the Palaeogeographic distribution of Early, Middle and Late Triassic lithofacies in Pan-Third Pole area as well as the paleoclimatic distribution maps were obtained, aiming at discussing the control and influence of palaeogeography, palaeostructure and Palaeoclimate on hydrocarbon (potassium-bearing) resources In order to reveal the geological conditions of oil and gas formation and the law of resource distribution, and provide scientific basis and technical support for overseas and domestic oil and gas exploration and deployment in China.

The boundary line between different lithofacies and climate is clear, which better reveals the paleogeographic pattern of lithofacies and climate in the Triassic period, which is of certain indicative significance for the study of the control and influence of paleogeography, paleostructure and paleoclimate on oil and gas (including potash) resources, as well as the geological conditions for the formation of oil and gas and the distribution of resources.

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The data file is a . Zip file named "FDSJ Triassic". After decompression, two folders named "Pan-Tertiary Early, Middle and Late Triassic Lithofacies Palaeogeography Map" and "Pan-Tertiary Early, Middle and Late Triassic Lithofacies Palaeogeography Map" can be seen. The folders contain engineering files of three time-section palaeogeography maps and high resolution mapping in.Jpg format. Engineering files can be opened and edited by ArcGIS version 10.2 and above.

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LI Yalin. Palaeogeographic distribution of Early, Middle and Late Triassic lithofacies in Pan-Third Pole area. National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, 2019. doi: 10.11888/Paleoenv.tpdc.270498. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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References literature

1.Cao, Y.T., Liu, C.L., Yan, H., Jiao, P.C., Zhang, H., Lv, F.L., & Ding, T. (2016). Research on evaporite deposit and its controlling factors for saline lake chain of Tarim Basin and Central Asia Basin during Mesozoic-Cenozoic period. Mineral Deposits, 35(3), 591-604. (View Details )

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Pan-Third Pole Environment Study for a Green Silk Road-A CAS Strategic Priority A Program (No:XDA20000000)

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