HiWATER: Simultaneous measurement dataset of vegetation chlorophyll content in the middle of Heihe River Basin on July. 8, 2012

The dataset includes the chlorophyll content of vegetation in different site which has different types of vegetation, acquired on 8 July, 2012, in order to validate the Chlorophyll products. Observation instruments: Sampling, Acetone extraction method Measurement methods: To analyze the influence height on chlorophyll , we select 12 different corn samples based on the height of corn. To compare the chlorophyll content of different types of vegetation, we also select 3 types of vegetation sample on the first EC tower, 1 beans sample near the seventeenth EC tower and 3 reed samples on wetland. A total of selected 19 different samples are analyzed in the laboratory in the College of Life Science, Hexi. We extract chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, the content of total chlorophyll of selected samples. Dataset contents: Chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, the content of total chlorophyll Measurement time: 8 July, 2012

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