HiWATER: Dataset of hydrometeorological observation network (No.4 runoff observation system of Wujing bridge on the Heihe River, 2013)

The No. 4 hydrological section is located at Wujin Heihe River Bridge (100.433° E, 39.065° N, 1431 m) in the midstream of the Heihe River Basin, Zhangye city, Gansu Province. The dataset contains recorded by the No.4 hydrological section from 10 June, 2012 to 10 August, 2012, and from 6 September, 2013 to 31 December, 2013. The width of this section is 58 meters and the cross-sectional area is unstable because of human factors. The water level was measured using an HOBO pressure range and the discharge was measured using cross-section reconnaissance by the StreamPro ADCP. The dataset includes the following parameters: water level (recorded every 30 minutes) and discharge. The missing and incorrect (outside the normal range) data were replaced with -6999. For more information, please refer to Li et al. (2013) (for hydrometeorological observation network or sites information), He et al. (2016) (for data processing) in the Citation section.

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