Dataset of growing season average NDVI changing trends in Three River Source National Park (2000-2018)

Based on the average NDVI (spatial resolution 250m) of MODIS during the growing season from 2000 to 2018, the trend of NDVI was calculated by using Mann-Kendall trend detection method. Three parks of Three River Source National Park are calculated (CJYQ: Yangtze River Park; HHYYQ: Yellow River Park; LCJYQ: Lancang River Park). CJYQ_NDVI_trend_2000_2018_ok.tif: Changjiang Source Park NDVI trend. CJYQ_NDVI_trend_2000_2018_ok_significant.tif: Changjiang Source Park NDVI change trend, excluding the area that is not significant (p > 0.05). CJYYQ_gs_avg_NDVI_2000.tif: The average NDVI of the Yangtze River Source Park in 2000 growing season. Unit NDVI changes every year.

0 2021-04-20

Dataset of GF-1 satellite images (2017-2018)

This data set is the remote sensing data of gaofan-1 satellite, including the data of two scenes of PMS1 camera on 2017-8-13 and 2017-10-5, one scene of PMS2 camera on 2017-5-27, and one scene of WFV2 and WFV3 camera on September 23, 2018.File list: GF1_PMS1_E99.1_N37.2_20170813_L1A0002539236 GF1_PMS1_E101.2_N36.4_20171005_L1A0002653985 GF1_PMS2_E100.3_N37.7_20170527_L1A0002384098 GF1_WFV2_E98.4_N37.6_20180927_L1A0003481737 GF1_WFV3_E100.4_N37.3_20180927_L1A0003481706

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