Dataset of growing season average NDVI changing trends in Three River Source National Park (2000-2018)

Based on the average NDVI (spatial resolution 250m) of MODIS during the growing season from 2000 to 2018, the trend of NDVI was calculated by using Mann-Kendall trend detection method. Three parks of Three River Source National Park are calculated (CJYQ: Yangtze River Park; HHYYQ: Yellow River Park; LCJYQ: Lancang River Park). CJYQ_NDVI_trend_2000_2018_ok.tif: Changjiang Source Park NDVI trend. CJYQ_NDVI_trend_2000_2018_ok_significant.tif: Changjiang Source Park NDVI change trend, excluding the area that is not significant (p > 0.05). CJYYQ_gs_avg_NDVI_2000.tif: The average NDVI of the Yangtze River Source Park in 2000 growing season. Unit NDVI changes every year.

0 2021-04-20

Qilian Mountains integrated observatory network: Dataset of Qinghai Lake integrated observ祁连山综合观测网:青海湖流域地表过程综合观测网(高寒草甸草原混合超级站物候相机观测数据集-2019)atory network (Phenology camera observation data set of Alpine meadow and grassland ecosystem Superstation, 2019)

This dataset includes data recorded by the Qinghai Lake integrated observatory network obtained from phenology camera observation data of the Alpine meadow and grassland ecosystem Superstation from May 1 in 2019 to December 31 in 2019. The site (98°35′41.62″E, 37°42′11.47″N) was located in the alpine meadow and alpine grassland ecosystem, near the SuGe Road in Tianjun County, Qinghai Province. The elevation is 3718m. The phenology camera adopts a vertical downward method to collect data, with the resolution of 2592*1944. Phenology photos in this data set were taken at 12:10 a day, which has a time error of ±10 min. The image is named as BSDCJZ BEIJING_IR_Year_Month_Day_Time.

0 2020-07-25