Yulong snow mountain glacier No.1, 4 300 m altitude, 2014-2018, the daily average meteorological observation dataset

1.The data content: air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, air pressure, wind speed and vapor pressure. 2. Data sources and processing methods: campel mountain type automatic meteorological station observation by the United States, including air temperature and humidity sensor model HMP155A;Wind speed and direction finder models: 05103-45;The atmospheric pressure sensor: CS106;The measuring cylinder: TE525MM.Automatic meteorological station every ten minutes automatic acquisition data, after complete automatic acquisition daily meteorological data then daily mean value were calculated statistics. 3.Data quality description: automatic continuous access to data. 4.Data application results and prospects: the weather stations set in the upper of the glacier terminal, meteorological data can be used to simulate for predict the future climate change under the background of type Marine glacial changes in response to global climate change research provides data.

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