Annual water consumption data of Heihe River Basin (1980-2010)

Data investigation method: obtained from investigation of Heihe River Basin Authority. Summary of data content: data of water consumption of Heihe, Shiyang and Shule River Basins in 1980, 1985, 1990, 2000, 2005, 2009 and 2009, including industrial water and agricultural water. Data temporal and spatial range: Heihe, Shiyang and Shule river basins 1980, 1985, 1990, 2000, 2005, 2009 and 2009.

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Water use data of counties of Heihe River Basin (2012)

Data source: survey data of Heihe River Basin Authority; Data introduction: in 2010, Sunan County, Ganzhou District, Minle County, Linze County, Gaotai County, Shandan County, Jinta County, Ejina, Suzhou District and Jiayuguan used water for living, industry, agriculture, urban and rural ecology.

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Dataset for Country Level Water Withdrawals in Belt and Road Region (2015)

Firstly, country-wise sectorial water withdrawal data are collected from FAO AQUASTAT database, Peter Gleick’s water use data, country statistics and literatures. In order to get consistent data, all data are unified to 2015 due to inconsistent times. For the data of year 2013-2017 close to 2015, the values of these years are directly used as water withdrawals of 2015. For the others, GDP, population, temperature, precipitation, irrigation area, carbon dioxide emission, nighttime light index, coal production, urban population corresponding to the water use data of different years in each country are collected, the panel data regression model of fixed effect and random effect between industrial water, agricultural water and domestic water and these factors are established, respectively. Sectorial water withdrawals in 2015 are estimated for every country.

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A survey construction of a water-saving society in Zhangye city, Gansu (2013)

Through the questionnaire survey of different water users in Zhangye City, the data on the implementation of water-saving society construction policies in Zhangye City are sorted out. The survey is mainly carried out on farmers and urban residents in all counties under Zhangye City's jurisdiction. The main contents include: people's awareness of water resources, water pollution, water-saving policies and willingness to participate in water conservation; The social and economic situation, gender, age, educational level, occupation, etc. of the interviewees. Survey objects: urban and rural residents over 18 years old in Minle County, Shandan County, Ganzhou District, Linze County, Gaotai County and Sunan County of Zhangye City.

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