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A plant programming of the main food crops in China



China, like most developing countries, face great challenges from its huge populations, ensuring food security have always been vital because the Chinese government that still thinks of grain as the basis of national economy and political stability. As the farming area is not increased, it is a premier solution to make the best of arable land to increase food production per unit area. However, a number of agricultural lands are not reasonable used. The rational plant programming can not only achieve the optimal use of arable land, and maximize food production and increase economic benefits, but also limit the environment problems which come from the agricultural production of depending on the chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In this study, we collect data of environmental conditions and winter wheat growth associated factors, then, by using the GIS technology we establish spatial database of regional weather, topography, and soil conditions. With GIS-based multi-criteria evaluation (MCE), maps of the potential distribution of main crops are established. Compared with these maps, the plant programming map is worked out. The area that should be plant common oat was 1 067 844ha, should be plant naked oat was 1 235 643ha, should be planted potato was 1 297 876ha, should be plant spring maize was 2 035 188ha, should be plant spring wheat was 747 329ha, should be plant summer maize was 2 503 685ha and should be plant winter wheat was 1 119 270ha. (Some areas that are located in cross-zone may be suitable for two or more than two crops growth, that is, these crops have the same levels of suitability that was more suitable than the others.) Basing on the plant programming, local farmers are free to choose which kind of crop cultivated. The plant programming of the main food crops in China would be guide for the Government's macro-control and farmers' investment, then, the return of investment would be raise and the blind investment would be avoided.


  • agricultural land
  • agricultural production
  • Agriculture
  • arable land
  • blind investment
  • chemical pesticides
  • Chinese government
  • common oat
  • Crops
  • economic benefits
  • economics
  • environmental condition
  • environment problem
  • farming
  • farming area
  • fertilisers
  • fertilizers
  • food production
  • food products
  • food security
  • geographic information systems
  • GIS-based multicriteria evaluation
  • Government
  • investment
  • main food crops
  • MCE
  • Meteorology
  • naked oat
  • national economy
  • pest control
  • plant programming
  • plant programming map
  • political stability
  • potato
  • potential distribution maps
  • Programming
  • rational plant programming
  • regional weather
  • return of investment
  • soil
  • soil conditions
  • spatial database
  • Spatial databases
  • spring maize
  • Springs
  • spring wheat
  • suitable area for crops
  • summer maize
  • topography
  • winter wheat growth


Sun G, Chen Y, Guo R, Zhao W, Zhou W, Jia C. A plant programming of the main food crops in China[C]//World Automation Congress (WAC), 2010. 2010: 273–278.

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